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> i started on the nt domains for unix project on the basis of paul ashton's
> enthusiastic and "this can't be too hard" attitude, back in august 97.
> since then, with the encouragement of a number of people over the last
> three years, and with the discouragement of others, the nt domains
> protocols are now pretty well understood.
> due to that constant discouragement, i no longer find it as enjoyable to
> work on samba as i did.  the enjoyment from discovering new ground is no
> longer offset by the constant dismissal of the ideas and solutions that i
> come up with.
> those solutions come from a far-sighted understanding of what is involved,
> and what can be achieved.  i never intend to just "solve the problem at
> hand", i intend to think ahead of what can be achieved both now _and_ in
> the future.
> to that end, the constant dismissal of my development approach, the
> constant dismissal of coding solutions, the constant dismissal of designs,
> is just too much.
> if anyone can think of a solution to this, please let me know.  in the
> mean-time, i shall find other projects to work on.
> all the best,
> luke
	Dude, I'm sorry to hear this.  You'll be sorely missed.

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