smbd - could'nt set effective gid to 100 msg

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Wed Aug 16 13:54:11 GMT 2000

Steve Jacobson wrote:
> I was hoping that someone could take a look at this 
> error and point me in the right direction.  Is there a 
> better list / source for this?  I couldn't
> find anything more appropriate and functional 
> on
> > [2000/08/13 16:43:56, 0] smbd/uid.c:become_gid(105)
> >   Couldn't set effective gid to 100 currently set to
> >   (real=0,eff=0)

Sorry Steve.  We've all been a little busier 
than usual as of late.  

While I'm not sure what's caused you error, I can 
give you a general understanding of what it means.

smbd changes its effective uid and gid to that of 
the connected user (or force user/group) when doing 
operations on behalf of the user.  Otherwise it 
runs as root.  In you case, that process could not 
change to the user's group.

What is the server platform you are running on?

Cheers, jerry
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