Status of the other Samba lists

James Sutherland jas88 at
Tue Aug 15 15:06:27 GMT 2000

On Mon, 14 Aug 2000, Ron Alexander wrote:

> As a Samba Developer, I depend on and make use of this and other lists for
> support and to give support.
> As all of you know, some or more likely all of the other lists are broken
> and they end up coming here. My questions and observations are:
> 1. When will this be fixed?
> 2. In the non Open Source world, this would have been fixed quickly.
> 3. It gives the opponents of Open Source excellent ammunition to use with
> Corporate America.
> 4. Does anyone on this list have what it takes to give me and other
> concerned members of this list answers to the issues raised here?

At a rough guess, there must be SOMEONE running these lists. Who is in
charge of ATM??

If there's a long term problem with the system, I'm sure there are plenty
of others on this list who could take over?

> Please do not shoot the messenger. Besides, this one can and will shoot back
> (<:

Another heavily-armed Open Source coder in the ESR mould? :-)


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