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Ron Alexander rcalex at
Tue Aug 15 11:54:10 GMT 2000

First let me apologize for wasting anyone's valuable time.

It seems I do not have a sufficient understanding of how the Samba project
works. If there is something I could read to get myself up to speed I would
appreciate the pointer. Other than that, I will spend more time 'listening'
in order to attempt to learn the 'culture'.

I do hope that everyone involved will accept my apology as I do look forward
to participating in the ongoing development of Samba.

Let me also take this opportunity to thank the many people who have assisted
me in the successful port of Samba 2.0.7 to Stratus VOS.


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Ron Alexander wrote:

> 1. Glad to hear it's being worked on. Please post
> a schedule. (holding back other sharp comments)

We cannot (will not) post you an ETA.  Sorry.

> 2. Correct, I was trying to make the point (perhaps
> badly) that in a corporate world ....

Currently the number of developers we have do not match
the projects that need to be done.  You point has been made.
However, we are doing the best we can.  we only have
so many people to cover the responsibilities of
supporting Samba.

We thrive on people who volunteer to help.  However, even
managing volunteer help is difficult.  Those of us who
do have employers who support Samba development, often
must focus on certain areas and act as volunteers on
the rest.

> 3. While high tech corp. America might be helping,
> the conventional business world still has a
> different view. I can't resist, but the words
> working and University in the same sentence bring
> much laughter to me and most everyone I know (this

Ron, this will score you no help or sympathy.  To be honest,
I would suggest killing this thread right now.  We have
attempted to help you in you work on porting Samba.
That is all I will say.

> is the Canadian view (I bet DCB will chime in now as
> he was associated with York U (sometimes known as the
> offshore training center))

I will let David make his own statements.

> I realize you have no way of knowing this, but I have
> been answering a lot of the queries to our list via e-mail
> in order to not clog up this list. I am sure others
> have as well.

As have we all Ron.  What do you want me to say?

> I am dead serious when I say that it is expected
> professional behavior to publish some sort of schedule
> in a situation like this. It is known as 'managing
> expectations'.

Ron, how many open source projects are you involved in?
Have you have any success in demanding things from them.
Whenever you read SEC filings from Linux companies,
you notice that this a statement that the business depends
upon the support from the Linux development community
over which the company has no power.  You'll have to
understand this as well.

If you choose not to recognize how things work (and
possibly work with us to improve things), the open source
may not be your ballgame.  You just have to understand
the differences between the two.  That's all.

> I make 100% of my income from Samba support, so I have
> a vested interest.

I'm not even sure what to say to this....It really sounds
like you trying to demand something from people who
have tried to help you.  You'll not win any friends this way
(which you do have a vested interest in obtaining in order
to support your business...unless of course you want to
develop Samba on your own).

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