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Tue Aug 15 08:07:38 GMT 2000

this is one of the reasons why the nt client runs threads.  the dce/rpc
service is *expected* to be threaded to match, one-for-one, the number of
threads that the client requests [a BIND_ALTER_CONTEXT PDU is sent for
each thread required].

consequently, a single-process implementation such as spoolssd, is going
to run into problems.

this will require some form of "emulation" of threads, to fix in a
portable manner.

chris frank, of linuxcare, described an "IO Queue" mechanism that is used
in VMS, that would be suitable, that he has formerly implemented [in a
kernel] that could be reimplemented with shared memory.  i suggested the
use of mmap'd tdb as a possible candidate to use.

although emulating a "queue" structure using a database is a bit of a
pain, as long as the number of entries in the "queue" are not exceeded by
the number of "worker threads" [in this case, each "thread" is actually a
process on the other side of the shared memory tdb], then the possibility
of an entry in the "queue" not being dealt with due to the "queue" not
having FILO properties does not occur.

also been talking to andrew about a possible diagnosis that lack of
threads in samba is causing a benchmark program where the NT SMB client
*is* threaded is causing similar "blocking" problems in the benchmark

On Mon, 14 Aug 2000, Gerald Carter wrote:

> Heads up....
> I found a bug in the HEAD branch printing code.  When 
> a remote printer in /etc/printcap is unavailable, trying 
> to browse the Printers folder on the Samba server.
> The spoolss_notify_cjobs() (called as a result of
> api_spoolss_rfnpcnex()) forks and waits for the child
> to exit.  However, when the printer is unable (remote one 
> of course) the child hangs until it times out.
> I'm working on the code, but if someone has a 
> quick fix....let me know.
> Cheers, jerry
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