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Mon Aug 14 21:50:07 GMT 2000

Smile, it will make the rest of this a little easier to take.

I told you not to shoot the messenger.

1. Glad to hear it's being worked on. Please post a schedule. (holding back
other sharp comments)

2. Correct, I was trying to make the point (perhaps badly) that in a
corporate world (I lived in that world as an internal consultant for almost
35 years) any sort of problem like a machine down or broken software would
be getting whatever resources were required to rectify the situation. I have
been on the receiving end of a Fortune 5 CEO that was steamed more than

3. While high tech corp. America might be helping, the conventional business
world still has a different view. I can't resist, but the words working and
University in the same sentence bring much laughter to me and most everyone
I know (this is the Canadian view (I bet DCB will chime in now as he was
associated with York U( sometimes known as the offshore training center))

4. This is your lucky day, I won't retaliate for the whining crack.

I realize you have no way of knowing this, but I have been answering a lot
of the queries to our list via e-mail in order to not clog up this list. I
am sure others have as well.

I am dead serious when I say that it is expected professional behavior to
publish some sort of schedule in a situation like this. It is known as
'managing expectations'.

I make 100% of my income from Samba support, so I have a vested interest.


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> As a Samba Developer, I depend on and make use of this and other lists for
> support and to give support.
> As all of you know, some or more likely all of the other lists are broken
> and they end up coming here. My questions and observations are:
> 1. When will this be fixed?

As I've said previously, it is being worked on.  This list is one of the
first to be moved to the new server.

> 2. In the non Open Source world, this would have been fixed quickly.

In the non-Open Source world, this wouldn't exist, except perhaps as a
1-900 number or a service contract with a limited number of contacts who
must enter the PIN before proceeding to the holding queue.

> 3. It gives the opponents of Open Source excellent ammunition to use with
> Corporate America.

It is Corporate America that is helping us out by providing a new site for
the mailing lists.  It's Corporate Australia that's funding the person who
is fixing the problem.  I work for a University.

> 4. Does anyone on this list have what it takes to give me and other
> concerned members of this list answers to the issues raised here?

Not if you're whining.  I've been posting news and help on this list as
it comes available.

> Please do not shoot the messenger. Besides, this one can and will shoot

Messenger for whom?  Your comments appear to be your own opinions and
questions, though it is likely that others share them.  I understand that
people are getting annoyed and frustrated.  A lot of folks have committed
time and effort toward straightening this out and I have made myself
available for *polite* discussions.  I've forwarded relevant information
to those working on transferring the mailing lists.

Chris Hertel
Samba Team

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