IIS 4.0 Virtual Directory Authentication Problem

Nick Jenkins Nick.Jenkins at fernald.gov
Mon Aug 14 17:07:27 GMT 2000

The Problem:

Microsoft IIS 4.0 Web Server has "Virtual Directories", which are
nothing more than the server maintaining share connections with
specified Username/Password Combinations.  It doesn't properly make the
connections UNLESS the user logged in adding the virtual directory first
either browses the actual share (thus being forced to enter a
username/password pair, or if that user first "Maps a Network Drive". 
If you just put in \\Machine\Share without browsing, it doesn't ever
work.  Worse yet, even if you DO make the connection, eventually when it
times out, or the Samba server reboots, the IIS machine will fail the
Virtual Directory, and it will never again work.


Samba 2.0.7 on Solaris 2.6 (Sparc) sharing in either Share/User/Server

What Debug_Passwords and Debug_Level=255 tells me:

At these various times, the NT machine passes a username and password of
"NULL", even though it has values to use.  This is the basic problem. 
This is an NT IIS 4.0 bug, no doubt, but I thought someone else might
have seen this and already know how to resolve it.  Any takers?

Many thanks for any help.

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