smbclient creates bad tar files

John Larsen johnlar at
Sat Aug 12 07:09:45 GMT 2000

I didn't do any creation while in windows (btw I meant gunzip not ungzip btw)
Anyways here is the file (pulled the tar back across the network in windows now
sending it to you.. (can't gzip for obvious reasons) hopefully windows kept it

Richard Sharpe wrote:

> At 02:53 AM 8/12/00 -0400, John Larsen wrote:
> >Another interesting note. I just discovered that if I gzip the tar then
> ungzip
> >that tar it cleans it up and works fine.
> >definatly something in the smbclient.
> Well, I am not so sure of that yet.  What command did you use to create the
> tar file from Windows?
> How big were the files?
> Regards
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