Plea for assistance, you get enhanced printing back

Tim Potter tpot at
Sat Aug 12 00:15:08 GMT 2000

papowell at writes:

> Is there a similar way or easy way to 
> a)  get the printer status via Samba?

You should be able to do a ls from smbclient when connected to a
printer share.

> c)  remove a job via Samba

Using rm from smbclient should work.

> d)  Test the downloading of drivers from Samba from a
>     Windows host OR an NT Host ;-)

I don't think the 9x and NT printer driver download schemes are
aware of each other at the moment.  You might try taking a look
at some of the new rpcclient commands Mr Carter has been adding

> In return,  I will rewrite the samba/docs/textdocs/Printing.txt
> to include this information.  Oh.  You want payment in advance.
> OK: here is part 1.

Good stuff!  (-:  Some of the doco in the textdocs directory is
horribly out of date.



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