Compile samba for Digiatl Unix 4.0D with NIS

Peter Samuelson peter at
Fri Aug 11 19:04:19 GMT 2000

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[Jie J Zhang <jiez at>]
> Hi, I'm tring to compile samba 2.0.7 for Digital Unix 4.0D.  What is
> happening is its looking for rpcsrv/nis.h.

This is not needed for NIS, only for NIS+.  I don't know whether
Digital even supports NIS+.  My guess is that it doesn't, though I
haven't checked.  OSF/1 3.2 doesn't.

> OR any other suggestions for how to integrate an NIS password
> database with Windows NT?

This is a complex topic.  Which password database are you talking
about?  If you just mean the Unix password database (the NIS map
`passwd.byname'), this is fairly transparent to most user applications
because the NIS lookups are done in libc.  You just need to turn off
encryption in your smb.conf file and on your clients (the docs/
directory has lots of info about this).

If you mean that you want `smbpasswd' to be an NIS map ... it's a bad
idea.  A really bad idea.  NIS basically doesn't have any concept of
security, and neither do the password hashes in question.


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