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Simon Butler simon at
Thu Aug 10 16:35:44 GMT 2000


 thx for the feedback to my newbie question. here is the url
 to the page i got your address from.

 you'll note that there is no mention of the users list that i was
 told to join to get my users questions resolved. also name of this 
 list is pretty ambiguous, hence my stab in the dark posting.

 i am on other open-source lists and its usually pretty clear 
 which are the developers lists and which are for users. may i be 
 so bold as to suggest you clarify your naming convention also.

eg: samba-developers, samba-users

 not rocket science particuarly and it would save us all a lot of
 hassle. i do appreciate the answers i got however, thx for those.

 i'm going to scuttle off the users list now. 

au revoir. -simon-

-- Simon Butler. simon at --

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