Two Lans Between PPP Server.

Gabriel Retana gretana at
Thu Aug 10 14:41:20 GMT 2000

I have to LAN with the servers in Samba and the workstations in win95
one of the Samba servers(Samba1) is PPP server too, the other server(Samba2)

do a call to Samba1 - works fine and I can see the two LAN but only by 
ip addresses. What i tried to do is that the workstations can share
and printers between the two LAN, but I can not find how to do that.
I tried with some ipx tunnel software but that doesn't work.
Anyone knows how to do that?

Gabriel Retana Rodríguez
Web Developer
Ticopager S.A.
Tel: 506.210-9014
Costa Rica

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