sorry you confused me

Ron Alexander rcalex at
Wed Aug 9 22:06:36 GMT 2000

I just looked at the site, and I can see how someone could be confused. The
problem is the line under sidlc that goes:

"Please use the above URLs for subscribing and unsubscribing from these
lists rather than the instructions below."

If they obey that, they will never get to the next page that has the link to
the weblist. Given that, samba-technical looks like the list to use.

I just checked again, and see a new direct link to the SAMBA list has been
added which will hopefully do the trick.


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On Wed, 9 Aug 2000, Chris Bailey wrote:

> I am sorry that I posted a question to your particular list and it
> happens to be the wrong one. there seems to be alot of confusion about
> where to post the questions to and few suggestions that seem to be
> correct. I would like to post my question to the right list but it does

The suggestions on where to go are correct. But do due to maintenance work
it seems like people find the wrong things first. Everything is there, but
it is not obvious.

IMHO, the first thing one should read on is how to
subscribe to samba at and what that list is about.

Maybe a link pointing to:;newuser=1

For general questions on how to use samba, reporting bugs, suggestions,
submitting patches please use the samba mailinglist, samba at To
subscribe to the samba list send an email like this:

       To: listproc at
       Subject: subscribe

       subscribe SAMBA YOUR NAME

You should receive a email reply giving you your password a few minutes

> not seem to exist where ti is suposed to be. I have been steered toward
> the samba at list via but all I find is:
> Netfilter discussions
> Samba CVS messages
> Discussions about the Samba IDL Compiler
> and
> Discussions on Samba internals   with   samba-technical   as a list name

Those are lists no longer hosted on that machine. If you go down to the
subscribing section it gives you a short note on how to subscribe to the
lists that haven't moved, including the samba list. Unfortunately it
doesn't list what choices you have, which may be confusing.


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