TNG alpha 2.6

Elrond elrond at
Wed Aug 9 18:43:57 GMT 2000

Hi everybody, or please use a mirror

It's a long time since the last alpha release of Samba TNG
and this is the first alpha release, that I'm making. I
hope, I didn't make too many mistakes.

Here's a summary of the possibly incomplete list of changes
since the last releases (I posted a longer version some
time ago):

- pipe-reuse bug workaround
- Sanders memory-allocator for parsers
- some merges from HEAD
  + oplock (might be broken)
  + printing (see below)
  + internal source-layout
- lsa_lookup_names/sids fixed to some degree (still not
- server-side lsa_enum_trusted_domains
- sam: kickoff_time and the password_last_set-time were
  exchanged on the wire.
- ldap related stuff (not known, wether it works now)
- Documentation update from Matthew Geddes

Problems: (from WHATSNEW.txt)

2) Windows 9x style domain logons are reported to not work
currently. If we have more information on this, this might be
fixed in the future. Also this version of Samba is mainly
targetted at NT developments.

3) Printing is currently also not completely functional,
because it is being developed in another tree and at times
we try to merge this back into this tree.

For win9x domain logins it would be helpful to know, wether
they currently work in HEAD. If so, I can try to look for
differences/similarities and merge some things over. If
it's not working, a proper bugreport for HEAD should be

Printing is currently more developed in HEAD. Some quite
interesting stuff is happening there. I'm currently trying
to merge some of the backend-functionality for printing
over. But real functionality will take some time, because
the merging is quite hard, cause a lot of stuff was
changed in HEAD.

As usual with bugreports, check out before writing
them and also please check the latest cvs, if you can.
And send them to samba-ntdom at, so others know,
what is already reported.


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