yp_get_default_domain problem with HP-UX11.0

A L Palacios palacios at plhp002.comm.mot.com
Tue Aug 8 18:35:10 GMT 2000


Under HP-UX 11.0 when trying to "configure --with-automount",
"yp_get_default_domain" doesn't get defined since it can't find it.
The problem is due to introduction of new NIS lib "libnsl" which
has "yp_get_default_domain".

Workaround is to add "#define HAVE_YP_GET_DOMAIN 1" in 
~source/include/config.h and  "LIBS= -lgen -lsec -lnsl" in Makefile.

A while ago I posted this problem (then later the answer) in

Thank you all for such a GREAT product...

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