audit VFS example

Brad Sahr bsahr at
Tue Aug 8 16:59:46 GMT 2000

Thank you Tim, this works.

>Brad wrote:
>> Should I be adding the -rdynamic flag to the Makefile in the
>> samba/samples/VFS directory? When I do this, it yields a shared object
>> is identical to the original, resulting in the same "undefined symbol..."
>> error.
>Tim Potter replied:
>From memory you have to add it to the in the top
>level Samba directory.  There should be something about it in the
>manual page for dlopen().  Here it is:
>       External references in the library are resolved using  the
>       libraries  in that library's dependency list and any other
>       libraries previously opened with the RTLD_GLOBAL flag.  If
>       the  executable was linked with the flag "-rdynamic", then
>       the global symbols in the executable will also be used  to
>       resolve references in a dynamically loaded library.
>The executable in question is smbd.

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