pw authentication via pdc

Vandal vandal at
Tue Aug 8 12:03:44 GMT 2000


i am trying to do the following
i have an existing nt pdc (nt 4.0 terminal server)
i have joined the domain via samba and passwort authentication works fine

now anyone in the domain can acess the shares

is there someway i can use the pdc for passwort authentication, while still
being able to setup groups
(best would be using the nt groups that are setup on the pdc)

this is for a product which has been partly ported from nt to linux just
recently .. so i expect most of the sys admins using the linux version of
the product to be somewhat novice at linux

also support would increase with a complex solution (we do the software
install support, not the programming itself)

the only solution i have come up with so far is really ugly
this would mean using %g in the path
resultion in needed modifications in the install scripts of the software
(not written by us), since all the paths would have to be modified (or i
could make a unix group called local ...)
plus it would mean creating dirs for all possible groups or living with
nasty errors for people that should not have acess to the shares
(usr/<groupname> does not exist)

i guess i will not get around setting up unix accounts on the samba server?
(this would be great though ... since that would drastically reduce
administerative work)

i have not quite understood what i can do with the pam_smb or pam_ntdom ...
nor have i found a good source to really read about it

i guess with samba tng those will be integrated ...


Lukas Smith

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