Filling the DRIVER_INFO_3 struct from the command line

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Sat Aug 5 21:01:20 GMT 2000

Jean Francois Micouleau wrote:
> > * The Drivername is the name of the previously
> >   installed WinNT driver.  Q?  Do you always have
> >   to install a Winedows NT printer driver prior to
> >   a Windows 9x one?
> on NT: yes, you can't create a printer without 
> a native driver.

Hmmm...This means that using the design currently in 
place in HEAD, user's cannot **just** distribute 
Win9x drivers for clients.  An Admin must also install
WinNT drivers even if there are no NT clients.  

This means that 2.0.7 is able to do something HEAD

> yep. the APW does a getprinterinfo() at level 2 
> first to retrieve the driver's name.

ok.  Here are some possible scenarios...

1)	Admin wants to install only a WinNT driver.
	No problem.  Can install a 9x driver
	later by specifying the printer name to 
	install the driver for.

2)	Admin wants to install NT & 9x drivers.
	No problem again.  Follow the same step as
	in #1

3)	Admin wants ot install Windows 9x driver only.


> on 95 the driverpath and configfile are the same ?

Good question.  I'll check on it.

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