audit VFS example

Brad Sahr bsahr at
Fri Aug 4 22:28:00 GMT 2000

Should I be adding the -rdynamic flag to the Makefile in the
samba/samples/VFS directory? When I do this, it yields a shared object that
is identical to the original, resulting in the same "undefined symbol..."

Also, if I modify the file (would this be the LDSHFLAGS
variable?) in the samba/source directory, the output of it doesn't appear to
affect the Makefile over in the samba/samples/VFS directory.

Is is possible that the error has to do with some type of version
incompatibility? I'm compiling the latest Samba source on a red hat linux
6.2 install.


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Brad Sahr writes:

> I've created the sample VFS file and configured the smb.conf file
> to use the, but when I attempt to read the share, I get the
> following error message in the log.smbd file:
> Error opening /root/samba/examples/VFS/
> /root/samba/examples/VFS/ undefined symbol: default_vfs_ops

For linux you need to add -rdynamic to the LDFLAGS in the
Makefile.  I think there are other flags required for other
operating systems - this sort of stuff should really go into the script somewhere.


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