Quickbooks Pro 6.0 file sharing with samba

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at canada.sun.com
Fri Aug 4 20:11:17 GMT 2000

Casey Dinsmore wrote:
> Anyhow I have experienced some strange things and wonder if there might
> be a option that I don't know to set that may fix the strange
> occourances we've been having.. Quickbooks Pro 6.0 can run in a
> multi-user mode, in which up to 5 users can work on the datafile
> simultainously.
> My share is as follows.

>	locking = no

	This looks seriously bad!

> Now some users are experiencing some weird errors, and they are
> different. One user when trying to update a packing list would get
> exception errors, while another use while trying to update a purchase
> order quickbooks would abort with a error like (QB60 R4 m=1048 l=4045
> c=265 v=-1 FFFFFF). Has anyone had any experience with something like
> this?

	No, but you do need locking turned on for PC
	applicatioons to be able to do locking, a prerequisite
	for multi-user operation.

[Ps: redirected to samba at samba.org, as this is more of a useage
 question than a developers' discussuon]
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