SMB on VxWorks.: Urgent

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Thu Aug 3 15:58:01 GMT 2000

Your question regarding Samba on VxWorks really belongs on the 
Samba at mailing list.  The Samba Technical mailing list is 
supposed to be used for SMB/CIFS developer discussions.

That said...

NetBIOS runs over IP using an emulated LAN protocol known as NBT.  Samba 
implements this so, if you find Samba for VxWorks you will have NetBIOS 
over TCP/IP.

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> Hi,
>     I am desparately looking for a SMB on VXworks utility for file sharing
> on our Real Time VxWorks based  systems.  Can anyone tell me if such an
> utility exists and where to find it?
>     One more problem is that Samba is based on SMB  over NETBIOS on TCP/IP.
> But the standard TCP/IP suite of VxWorks does not include NETBIOS. Can SMB
> be hosted directly over TCP/IP? Also will it work with the other client
> systems without changing anything on the other end?
>      Also can any existing Samba implmentation be ported on to VxWorks if it
> has not been done already?
> Thanks and Regards
> Amit Singhania
> Grass Valley Group

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