audit VFS example

Brad Sahr bsahr at
Thu Aug 3 21:06:30 GMT 2000

I've created the sample VFS file and configured the smb.conf file
to use the, but when I attempt to read the share, I get the
following error message in the log.smbd file:

Error opening /root/samba/examples/VFS/
/root/samba/examples/VFS/ undefined symbol: default_vfs_ops

I'm new to this, so I suspect that I'm doing something wrong. Any ideas

My build/install procedure:
1. Got a copy of the latest Samba source from CVS a couple of days ago.
2. Samba is built, and running on Red Hat Linux 6.2.
3. Went to the ...samba/examples/VFS directory and ran 'make', creating
4. Added a share as outlined in the README from the .../samba/examples/VFS
5. From the Win2K client perspective, the audit share can be seen, but the
share is not accessible and Win2K reports "The network request is not
supported" (makes sense since is not getting loaded).

Thanks for any help,

Brad Sahr
bsahr at

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