samba host not visible in Win95 Network Neighborhood

Fabrizio Rossel fabrizio at
Thu Aug 3 04:12:43 GMT 2000

On Sun, 30 Jul 2000 Martin Terpstra  wrote:
> hello,
> after a few hours of battle with the Samba configuration on 
> my (Suse) Linux machine I managed to Map a network drive on
> my Win95. So now it is possible to see 'linux' files from
> my Win95 machine. I have however one question. Although
> I managed to map a linux dir on my Win95 machine, I cannot
> see the linux machine name listed in the Network Neighbourhood
> of the Win95 machine? Has this something to do with the Samba
> configuration ? (I configured Samba so that it belongs to the
> same workgroup as the Win95 machine)
> I still have some reading about Samba to do but maybe somebody
> has an idea to speed things up.
> Please respond to  mailto:terpie at
> thanks,
> Martin

Hi, I solve this configuring WINS and DNS server in the samba host.
Maybe it works for you.

Fabrizio Rossel
Conectiva Perú
fabrizio at



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