still very slow (MS Word and Excel only)

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at
Wed Aug 2 12:07:43 GMT 2000

  Robert Gehr wrote some time ago about MS Word and Excel 
being mysteriously slow, but only when talking to a Samba server.

  After the usual tests, to make sure it was samba and was
on multiple machines, we tried a test with log level 3, where
the human tester only opened the file once.  HOWEVER, the smbd
logs showed samba servicing a stream of open/close/open requests.
Seven of them!  

Robert wrotes: 
> I fired up Excel [On and NT Workstation --dave] and klicked in the 
> latest opened files on ASIEN.xls which is on the server.
> I checked my watch and it took about 10 sec. before the file was opened.
> I immediately copied the log file to another file and that is what is
> attached. The file was definetly opened only once in Excel.

  The logs showed seven sucessful opens, and 6 closes, all identical.

  This is a behavior I've not (knowingly) seen before, so I'm ccing
samba-technical list too, to catch everyone.

  Two questions:
	Anyone recognize this symptom?
	Any suggestions for the next diagnostic step?

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