File permissions seem ok but users can delete other users files

Peter Samuelson peter at
Wed Aug 2 01:52:55 GMT 2000

[Adam <maillist at>]
> I have a problem with samba where users cant read or write to other
> users files but they can delete them. I want to prevent users from
> deleting other users files.

This is a Unix issue, not a Samba issue.  Samba is using standard Unix
permissions, which state that in order to delete a file, you do *not*
need any permissions on the file, but you *do* need write permission on 
the directory the file is in.

This is quite confusing to the average Windows user, because Windows
still uses the FAT filesystem, which doesn't have inodes.  Once you
understand the relationship between Unix files, inodes, and directory
entries, and why the C function unlink() is so named, Unix delete
permissions make perfect sense.

You do have one other choice.  If you set the sticky bit on a
directory, it denies users the right to rename or delete files which
they do not own.  The sticky bit is bit 01000; to set it symbolically,
use `chmod +t'.


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