Anthony Hardy anthony.hardy at
Tue Aug 1 16:45:36 GMT 2000


I am using Samba 2.0.7 on RH 6.2 and 6.1.  I am trying to figure out WHY
certain portions of a profile will NOT save, while others will (and
whether this is a client side or server side issue).

A user logs on to the "domain" (security is user, but domain logons are
turned on) using a computer that is set to keep start menu AND desktop
settings in the profile.  They make changes to the start menu.  Should
they log off (thus "saving" the changes to their network profile), and
logon to a different machine, the start menu changes will be reflected
there.  Should they make changes to their desktop (icons moved, deleted
or added, background changed . .even  to a standard background), these
changes will NOT follow.

Are they simply not saved on the network?  But if that is the case
(which I don't believe), then why, if that person uses the SAME machine,
are those changes not saved?

Anybody run across this?  My main concern is that certain things (such
as color schemes and backgrounds that individual users set) are not
being saved properly on the network OR locally, and the user has to
re-configure this information each time they login to their computer .
.any ideas?



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