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Kevin Rowland krowland at
Fri Apr 28 14:33:07 GMT 2000

Gerald Carter wrote:
> Kevin Rowland wrote:
> >
> > Has anyone tried or thought about making nmbd
> > support a 'round-robin' type of NetBIOS name resolution
> > analogous to what is available in BIND
> > v8? I've got a project that would make this VERY handy...
> How would you propose handling name registration?  Anyways...
> I could see where if you had several WINS servers that used
> some type of synchronization/replication protocol this would
> work, but not if you just had multiple, separate WINS servers.
> I'm guessing you meant the former situation.

I'm thinking in terms of static mappings. I would like to add a static
mapping for say 'TRANS [20h]' and have a group of IPs, one of which
could given back to the client (almost like a multihomed host, but
instead of responding with the whole list of IPs and making the client
decide, give back the one that makes most sense for this client based on
proximity or whatever... make sense?)

I admit that I can only think of one scenario where this makes sense in
NetBIOS to do. I'm using samba servers as translators to a distributed
file space (AFS) where people's home dirs are stored. I want to be able
to make everybody's home path to be '\\trans\joeuser' instead of using
'\\transX\joeuser' where X is 1 thru 5. The latter requires *me* to
decide which is best at the time. I want a more real time solution so
that the users can roam the network, etc...

Is there a better way?

-- kevin

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