nt confusion

Lanny Baron lnb at freebsdsystems.com
Thu Apr 27 18:54:13 GMT 2000

Can someone explain to me why, when loging on to a nt server(4) which was
installed in standalone mode, with Samba being OS = 65, that there is two
domain names. One being the domain (or workgroup = ) and one being the name of
the machine itself.

When I logon (at console) to the NT box, using the Samba run DOMAIN name,
although I am the admin of the NT box, and my user name is that of root on all
FreeBSD boxes, I cannot save desktop settings, I cannot run many programs as it
says that I do not have administrative rights. I am currently running 2.0.7).
If I reboot that box to win98 it works just fine.

Thanks for the help,

Lanny Baron

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