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Anders C. Thorsen anders at
Thu Apr 27 14:25:01 GMT 2000

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> I installed samba 2.6 on a Solaris 7 box which intends to be a print server
> for all Windows NT workstation clients, but samba only offers  automatical
> printer driver installation to Windiws 9x platform, not to Window NT
> workstation platform. NT Workstation user still needs to find what kind of
> printer it is, which driver they should use, where to find it, and the
> biggest problem is that, as a general user, they don't have the privilidge
> to install any driver. Is there any good method to handle this problem?

Personally, I wrote a pice of software almost a year ago which did this
for 200 Windows boxes in a novell environment. The problem was that each Windows 9x / NT box had a few printers installed (manually :) and we were about to move to another location. The solution was some registry-hacking....
[I believe there's about 3 places Windows stores information about its printers
in the registry, in addition you'll have to look at the .ini files as well..]


> Thanks.
> Philip

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