samba2.0.7 crashes on install

David Lee T.D.Lee at
Thu Apr 27 10:10:02 GMT 2000

On Thu, 27 Apr 2000, Anders C. Thorsen wrote:

> > Hello,
> > I tried to ./configure --with-utmp --with-ssl and the following happens. Any
> > clue as to why?
> First of all: We have _NO_ idea which OS you are running.
> i.e. on my OS (Debian GNU/Linux 2.1) these are declared in
> /usr/include/utmpbits.h which gets included by utmp.h, which
> is included by connection.c
> Judging from your e-mail, you're running FreeBSD :)
> Send your version, etc. (note: utmp is basicly developed on Solaris.
> Maybe I should dig up my FreeBSD partition and vaste some time on this :)

Before you dive in too deeply, be aware that I have since developed a
patch to "connection.c" which I hope significantly improves its
portability (or at least the chances of its clean compilation).  Let me
tidy up that patch, and then you can assess it on FreeBSD, Debian, and
anything else you wish...  I hope to circulate that patch in a few days. 

> PS: There's an reason this is marked experimental.

Absolutely right!!


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