Network browsing and Samba

Steffen Moser moser at
Sun Apr 23 14:30:09 GMT 2000


"Clifford, Tom" wrote:

> Two computers on their own network.  One running Samba 2.0.6 and the other
> running NT 4.0 Server w/ service pack 6.  TCP/IP is the only network
> protocol installed.
> If the smb.conf "remote announce" is set to the NT server's IP address, the
> samba server shows up in the browse list.
> If I use the netmask technique described in "BROWSING-Config.txt", it
> doesn't work.
> If I setup the NT Server as a WINS server, and set smb.conf "wins server" to
> the IP address of the NT server, the NT WINS software receives the
> registered name, but it still doesn't appear in the browse list.  (btw. The
> NT server network setup is configured to get WINS info from himself).

So far I don't find any problems. 

I assume that your "samba-2.0.6" and your "NT 4 Server" are in the same

Your "NT 4 Server" on network segment A is WINS, DMB and LMB (for
network A), your "samba-2.0.6" on network segment B is (or should be)
LMB (for network B). Both machines are using the same WINS database so
you should not need parameters like "remote announce". 

 - Perhaps your "samba-2.0.6" machine ist not configured for being "LMB"
on network segment B (see "os level" and "local master")

 - Perhaps there is a "dummy0"-device set up on your "samba-2.0.6"
machine. If so, disable it.

I hope that I could help you!


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