BUG: Wide Links - does not work as documented

Peter Polkinghorne Peter.Polkinghorne at brunel.ac.uk
Fri Apr 14 14:01:49 GMT 2000

Having raised this issue, apologies for having rather lost track - pressure
of other bits of work.

Jeremy Allison said:
> They are a *convenience* - and I believe the docs say so. 

I do not think so - merely says (2.0.6) for wide links in smb.conf(5):

          This parameter controls whether or  not  links  in  the
          UNIX  file  system may be followed by the server. Links
          that point to areas within the directory tree  exported
          by  the  server are always allowed; this parameter con-
          trols access only to areas that are outside the  direc-
          tory tree being exported.

          Note that setting this parameter can  have  a  negative
          effect on your server performance due to the extra sys-
          tem calls that Samba has to do in order to perform  the
          link checks.

Alas the last paragraph did not even prove too true - the resource usage on 
our most heavilly used server did not noticeably change.

I to be honest was not too concerned about the security since the users would 
be accessing files at their own priviledge level (ie themselves) and that 
would not be an issue for us - though for others that might not be the case.

Still I am happy with revised documentation for 2.0.7 and if Jani provides a
suitable patch great!

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