2.0.7pre3 utmp freeze: slight thaw requested

David Lee T.D.Lee at durham.ac.uk
Thu Apr 13 17:08:18 GMT 2000

Because the release of 2.0.7 is imminent we agreed (I think) to freeze
the rapid development of the utmp stuff at the end of last week, based
on a ".2" patch:

and a couple of caveats such as not documenting the unstable "utmp
consolidate" and a spurious, duplicate call to "conn_num_open();"
in utmp_claim().

Could I request a tiny, localised, thaw?  That is, to add the following
   AC_CHECK_FUNCS(pututline pututxline updwtmp updwtmpx)
into "configure.in".

Why?  The future development of utmp is most likely to require the
detection of these routines, and at least one significant and valuable
testing person of this code has not got the experience or availability to
"autoconf" to be able to rebuild his "configure" scripts.

Anyone see any downsides?


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