addition to: inappropriate checking in smbpasswd when changing passwords

James Caccese el_smead at
Wed Apr 12 00:29:28 GMT 2000

I think that having more then one password database is not a good idea. 
Especially if you don't need more then one, as in the case with un-encrypted 
passwords. The idea is that from the beginning there is no second password 
file, so there is never a chance for anything to get un-synced. Also 
allowing a user's password to validate against either of two files is 
confusing to people. I personally have at least 8 different passwords i need 
to keep track of, but remember that it's people like us that set up and 
maintain software like samba, but it's the type of people who use cd-rom 
drives for cupholders that are the real users of what we setup. There is a 
fine line of usability balanced between confusing users with software that 
is too complicated and confusing users with software that isn't rigid 
enough. They just don't know what to expect.


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>James Caccese <jwcacces at> wrote:
>>hi, I just wanted to add to the last thing I sent in
>>for changing the password of a user, it is a good idea to make sure they 
>>type in the correct old password.
>IMHO: In the case of the passwords possibly being out of synchronization, 
> >then in many cases it should be acceptable that the old password matches 
> >either host password, or the password in the smb password database. Thus 
>when it >is changed, they both can be synchronized.
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