Problem persists

David Collier-Brown - Sun Canada davecb at
Tue Apr 11 23:13:40 GMT 2000

 Cristian POP <cpop at>

| For every connection that is made to the server ( for a samba service )
| I get an error from the PAM_pwdb module, which is responsible for
| authentication. In addition there is a __annoying__ waiting period after
| that error occurs. 
| I think the problem is between samba and pam : samba does not
| transmit the right user&password combination at first time the connection
| is made and that causes. 

	I wonder if Samba using pam tries UPPERCASE and lowercase
	versionsnof the password: that used to be a necessary 
	step in authenticating (without pam)  clients who think
	they should single-case user's passwrods.
	Have a look at the strings being passed to the pam module,
	possibly via strace (?), it might be that simple...
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