BUG: Wide Links - does not work as documented

Jani Jaakkola jjaakkol at cs.Helsinki.FI
Tue Apr 11 11:47:48 GMT 2000

On Tue, 11 Apr 2000, Jani Jaakkola wrote:

> Anyway, I will provide a patch, but it just might be that I don't have
> time to get it completed today.

It seems that at least Linux, True64 (alias OSF alias Digital Unix),
Solaris and HP-UX have realpath()-function which does just the thing which
"wide symlinks" needs. If (and when) I get the patch ready, do you think I

- Just use realpath()
- Implement a version of realpath for Samba for those systems which have
  symlinks but no realpath()
- do both.

Hmm. glibc should have a realpath() implementation and since it is LGPL, I
could just use that. Does anyone have any objections to that?

-- Jani

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