Smbtorture conks out when doing > 38 clients

David Collier-Brown - Sun Canada davecb at
Mon Apr 10 17:08:08 GMT 2000

  I'm running smbtorture, loading up a big Solaris 8 UltraSPARC, and 
found I only have a big enough enough MAX_FILES for 36 clients.

%  ./smbtorture //localhost/netbench -Ulab%password -N 60 NBW95
host=localhost share=netbench user=lab myname=server
Running NBW95
38 clients started
[many dots...]
....(1672) nb_read: handle 4256 was not open size=4096 ofs=0
...............(1677) nb_read: handle 4256 was not open size=4096 ofs=4096

This constant is common to smbtorture (in the samba build tree), 
dbench and tbench, and should be bumped by at least 10. I'm
planning to go to 60...

David Collier-Brown in Boston
Phone: (781) 442-0734, Room BUR03-3632

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