[ADVANCE NOTICE] usernames limited to 8 chars gonna be nasty..

Peter Samuelson peter at cadcamlab.org
Mon Apr 10 09:27:37 GMT 2000

> this is to let you all know that we're going to be very, very mean to
> you all and mandate that usernames can be of the following
> format... in /etc/passwd:
> DOMAINNAME\username.
> oh, dear: what a pity!  that's more than 8 chars.

You will still support "username map" won't you?  It should be possible
to cook up an `adduser' script which mangles the given domain and
username so as to fit within 8 characters, then adds *that* to
/etc/passwd and the real thing to /etc/samba/username.map.

Given something like that, especially if the mangling algorithm doesn't
totally scramble the original username so you can still at least guess
what it might have been, I don't see *that* much pain involved.  Still,
I will be quite happy the day IBM recompiles all of AIX with
-DUSE_PAM.... (:


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