IP to Name Resolution

Herb Lewis herb at chomps.engr.sgi.com
Fri Apr 7 17:42:32 GMT 2000

James Willard wrote:
> I don't suppose there's any way to grab the hostname from the IP address, is
> there? It would be nice to be able to reverse resolve the name from the IP
> using gethostbyaddr(). Currently, I have hacked up something which calls
> nmblookup and grabs the <20> machine name from the output.
> On a similar note, is there also a way to grab the whole <03> username field
> from a given IP or machine name? Nmblookup truncates the display at 15
> characters. I have tried perusing the source to change that output, but
> since I'm not very proficient with C, I couldn't find what I needed.
> Ideally, another utility that doesn't require parsing nmblookup output would
> be best.
> Thanks,
> James Willard
> james at whispering.org

name registrations are limited to 15 characters (plus the "type")

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