Release of 2.0.7 due soon.

Michael Tokarev mjt at
Fri Apr 7 11:09:11 GMT 2000

David Lee wrote:
> o  Where the utmp/wtmp location cannot be guessed, or where the sys.admin.
>    wishes to override, it allows u- and w- files to be in different
>    directories.  (e.g. Redhat is known to have different u-/w- locations).
> o  utmp/wtmp location guessing is system-sensitive.  Each OS probably
>    needs someone to "champion" this, over the months ahead. (I'm happy to
>    coordinate this activity, to keep the pressure off Jeremy.)

David!  Just to knowlege: u- and w- is very different things.
While u- is _current_ state, w- is a history.
There is a file system standard ( that covers this.
And, for example, here is two excerpts from this:

  5.6  /var/log : Log files and directories

  The directory contains miscellaneous log files.  Most logs should be
  written to this directory or an appropriate subdirectory.

  lastlog    record of last login of each user
  messages   system messages from syslogd
  wtmp       record of all logins and logouts

  5.9  /var/run : Run-time variable files

  This directory contains system information files describing the system
  since it was booted.  Files in this directory should be cleared (removed
  or truncated as appropriate) at the beginning of the boot process.


  The utmp file, which stores information about who is currently using the
  system, is located in this directory.

That's clean enouth: wtmp is in /var/log, where logfiles are stored,
and utmp is in /var/run, where current system state is stored.
And last one is cleared on boot (since noone logged in at boot time :).
Hence the different locations, and I think there will be more systems
with this...

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