Release of 2.0.7 due soon.

David Lee T.D.Lee at
Fri Apr 7 08:53:53 GMT 2000

On Fri, 7 Apr 2000, Jeremy Allison wrote:

> 	2.0.7 looks ready to roll, code-wise. The remaining things
> are to check the utmp pre3 patch to see if it works (I
> still need feedback on that) ...

Version ".1" of the patch had two typos, fixed in version ".2" (copy
sent yesterday).

As far as I know, the patch is signficantly better than "pre3".  I don't
(yet!) know of any areas in which it might be worse. 

o  It is significantly better at detecting particular utmp features
   at configure time for conditional compilation.

o  It allows the hostname to be better specified.  Previously it used
   the NetBIOS name, whereas the rest of our UNIX system (telnet, ftp, 
   etc.) was inserting DNS names into utmp.  A "utmp hostname" allows,
   for instance, a "%M" specification to address this.  (Dave
   Collier-Brown inspired this development.)

o  Where the utmp/wtmp location cannot be guessed, or where the sys.admin.
   wishes to override, it allows u- and w- files to be in different
   directories.  (e.g. Redhat is known to have different u-/w- locations).

o  utmp/wtmp location guessing is system-sensitive.  Each OS probably
   needs someone to "champion" this, over the months ahead. (I'm happy to
   coordinate this activity, to keep the pressure off Jeremy.)
o  "utmp consolidate" is problematical.  It works in some circumstances
   but apparently not in others.

Suggestions:  we keep the patch but:

o  smb.conf(5) documentation:  Under "utmp" mention that it is still

o  smb.conf(5) documentation:  Do not document "utmp consolidate".  In
   weeks/months ahead, those of us with an interest in it can develop it.
   (In contrast to the rest of the utmp work which has had several months
   development, this aspect has only had a week or so, and it shows.)

Sound OK?

(Let me record my personal thanks to many who have helped this utmp work,
in particular to Giulio Orsero and to Freddie.  And of course, to Jeremy,
Andrew and the main Samba team for Samba itself.)


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