IP to Name Resolution

Tim Potter tpot at linuxcare.com.au
Fri Apr 7 05:32:08 GMT 2000

Les Kadlof writes:

> I attended the Sydney Linux Open Source Conference this year and spoke to
> Andrew Tridgell regarding our WINS Server problem we've been having and he
> suggested that I should e-mail you guys. 
> We are trying to develop a driver for Linux 6.1 that can resolve IP to
> hostnames using various name resolution servers (one of them is a WINS
> Server). Andrew told me that you guys had some hacked up source code that
> could query the WINS server and return NETBIOS names.
> Can someone point me into an FTP site or somewhere where I can find the
> files I need?

Check out the latest HEAD branch from the cvs repository.  The
source/nsswitch directory has a wins.c module which may do what
you want.


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