IP to Name Resolution

Les Kadlof les_kadlof at phoneware.com.au
Fri Apr 7 04:24:58 GMT 2000

I attended the Sydney Linux Open Source Conference this year and spoke to
Andrew Tridgell regarding our WINS Server problem we've been having and he
suggested that I should e-mail you guys. 

We are trying to develop a driver for Linux 6.1 that can resolve IP to
hostnames using various name resolution servers (one of them is a WINS
Server). Andrew told me that you guys had some hacked up source code that
could query the WINS server and return NETBIOS names.

Can someone point me into an FTP site or somewhere where I can find the
files I need?

Thanks in advance.

- Les

P.S.  Can a DHCP server be used to resolve IP addresses?

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