Samba utmp patch

David Lee T.D.Lee at
Wed Apr 5 14:38:09 GMT 2000

If Samba/utmp doesn't interest you, you may delete this message.

But if it does, please read it and pursue it.

I have now cobbled together a patch to improve the utmp handling (added in
the various "pre" versions of 2.0.7).  Many people have contributed
bugfixes and ideas: the good bits of the patch are theirs, the bad bits
should be blamed on me. 

The patch is for 2.0.7pre3 and ONLY for 2.0.7pre3 .  It will not install
for any other version.  (This is new functionality, the code has rapidly
evolved in the "pre<n>" series (a moving target), and the intention is to
get these tidyings into the official 2.0.7 release.)

Notes for the patch are at:
and the patch itself is at:

The ".1" refers to this being the first version of the patch.  Others
may follow.

I hope it incorporates all the bugfixes, and almost all the major
functional corrections hitherto spotted.  (I know of one idea not yet
incorporated;  this is mentioned in the notes.) 

Please would the utmp enthusiasts try it and report any problems.  Thanks.


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