poking/prodding utmp

Freddie freddie at ns1.nowait.net
Wed Apr 5 03:32:14 GMT 2000


Funny, I just get things working on 2.0.7pre2, and pre3 comes out... *sigh* 
:) Haven't had a chance to download it yet (read: Nox is too damn 
addictive), but I'll eventually get around to it.


utmp consolidation: it's working! It even gets it's own smb.conf option, 
huzzah. Ok, next question...

Normally, with utmp support enabled, it sets the user's "line" to 
"smb/<connid>". What's wrong with that? Well, you end up with something 
like this: (or something close to it)

freddie  smb/1    zugzug           Tue 2am  0.00s 13days   ?     -
freddie  smb/8    bouncy            6:20am  0.00s 13days   ?     -
lewi     smb/11   narf             Sun 5pm  0.00s 13days   ?     -

It varies depending on the number of shares the client machine is 
accessing. I shudder to think what you'd end up with when a hundred or so 
people connect.... so I wrote another patch... and now I get:

freddie  smb/2    zugzug           Tue 2am  0.00s 13days   ?     -
freddie  smb/3    bouncy            6:20am  0.00s 13days   ?     -
lewi     smb/4    narf             Sun 5pm  0.00s 13days   ?     -

(smb/1 is broken from me messing with it before, and I can't work out how 
to clear out the rotten utmp entry, heh).

[2000/04/04 02:37:35, 1] smbd/connection.c:utmp_line(375)
   utmp_line: nope, smb/1 is already used
[2000/04/04 02:37:35, 1] smbd/connection.c:utmp_line(360)
   utmp_line: checking smb/2
[2000/04/04 02:37:35, 1] smbd/connection.c:utmp_line(370)
   utmp_line: yay, we can use smb/2

Not sure if the DEBUG level should be moved up/down/whatever, 1 is just 
convenient for me so I don't get a whole lot of other stuff :)

This involved adding another function, static int utmp_line(void), which 
returns an int (obviously), which is the next smb/<n> that we can use. Tada.

The question is, should this be a seperate option, part of utmp 
consolidate, or just always on? I'd vote for having it always on (well, if 
utmp = Yes).


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