Samba on Linux with no ACL's is making things tough

Michael Marschall mmarschall at
Tue Apr 4 20:46:39 GMT 2000

"I would have thought that would be independant of Samba...."

It is. My reason for bringing this discussion to the group is that Samba/Linux
as a replacement solution for file serving is extremely limited compared to NT
if you have no ACL support in the underlying filesystem (which Samba is not
responsible for). Hope this helps.

Jason Haar wrote:

> On Wed, Apr 05, 2000 at 03:35:15AM +1000, Jeremy Allison wrote:
> > This is something I'm working on at the moment in 2.0.x
> > and HEAD. The Linux trustee patch seems ok for the particular
> > problem, but doesn't allow Windows clients access to modify
> > ACLS for files that they own. To do that you need POSIX
> > ACL support - that's the API we'll be adding into Samba
> > 2.0.8 and HEAD (and TNG with the merge going on).
> Am I missing something? I would have thought if any ACL-based system was put
> in place, then any process that created/altered files under that system
> would be affected (that's assuming this ACL system is like NT's and
> propagates). As such, it should be able to give you up to the same
> functionality as NT's "Change" ACL - i.e. a user/group/set of users can
> read/write to a particular directory, and any new files they add have the
> same perms as the tree, and the user cannot alter the perms.. I would have
> thought that would be independant of Samba....
> The "Change" perm is the primary ACL we use here (i.e. "Full Control" is for
> Administrator only), so having that functionality available under Samba
> (whether it be Samba that actually does it) would be fantastic.
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