Failed to set socket option error in Samba 2.0.6/Solaris 7

David Collier-Brown - Sun Canada davecb at
Tue Apr 4 19:11:46 GMT 2000

"Eric Boehm" <boehm at> wrote:
| Here's the preceding 90 lines and following 10 lines
| [2000/04/04 08:16:53, 2] lib/interface.c:add_interface(83)
|   added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
| [2000/04/04 08:16:53, 0] lib/util_sock.c:set_socket_options(148)
|   Failed to set socket option SO_KEEPALIVE (Error Bad file number)
| [2000/04/04 08:16:53, 0] lib/util_sock.c:set_socket_options(148)
|   Failed to set socket option TCP_NODELAY (Error Bad file number)

	Looks like we'll need to add some debugging, perferably
	each caller to set_socket_options...
	in lib/util_sock.c, in set_socket_options, after the
	declaration of "fstring tok", add
	DEBUG(10,("in set_socket_options(%d, %s)\n", fd, options));
	This will tell us the fd that didn't work.
	Now, in each of the following places, add:
	DEBUG(10, ("ame of first parm>\n");
	just before the call:
 File            Function            Line
1 nmbd.c          open_sockets         517 set_socket_options( ClientNMB,
                                           "SO_BROADCAST" );
2 nmbd.c          open_sockets         518 set_socket_options( ClientDGRAM,
                                           "SO_BROADCAST" );
3 nmbd_subnetdb.c make_subnet          165 set_socket_options(nmb_sock,"SO_BROAD
4 nmbd_subnetdb.c make_subnet          166 set_socket_options(dgram_sock,"SO_BRO
5 server.c        open_sockets_inetd    83 set_socket_options(Client,"SO_KEEPALI

6 server.c        open_sockets_inetd    84 set_socket_options(Client,user_socket
7 server.c        open_sockets         237 set_socket_options(Client,"SO_KEEPALI
8 server.c        open_sockets         238 set_socket_options(Client,user_socket
9 server.c        reload_services      317 set_socket_options(Client,"SO_KEEPALI
A server.c        reload_services      318 set_socket_options(Client,user_socket
B nmblookup.c     open_sockets          53 set_socket_options(ServerFD,"SO_BROAD

	For example, in open_sockets, somewhere around
	line 53 (which is only approximate), you'd add
	DEBUG(10("calling set_socket_options(ServerFD...)\n");

	This will tell you which FD is broken, after which we'll	
	look to see why.

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