Some modifications to VFS-filename conversion

Tomoki AONO aono at
Tue Apr 4 13:19:06 GMT 2000

In article <14561.46234.901433.495866 at gargle.gargle.HOWL>,
tpot at wrote:

>> Hi Tomoki.  I've put in your patches - thanks!  Can you do
>> another checkout and verify that things now work?

Thanks for applying my patch. But some problem occurs (in
rare case?  I see source and didn't meet such situation in
my short test).

in source/smbd/reply.c (rename_internals(), if wildcard char exists), 
you wrote:

>	if (!conn->vfs_ops.rename(dos_to_unix(fname,False),
>				  dos_to_unix(destname,False)))

Current implementation of dos_to_unix(*,False) (or a
number of charcnv functions that is pointed by
dos_to_unix) returns pointer to static cvtbuf[] (see
source/lib/charcnv.c (dos2unix_format()) or kanji.c). So
this coding makes no operation ....
Tomoki AONO (aono at

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