not very impressed (Was: 2.0.5 compile time error on HPUX 10.10)

betterformat betterformat at
Wed Sep 29 23:26:15 GMT 1999

thanks for your response.....

> You might as well have found the answer to your question yourself.
> As the compiler is complaining about a structure definition it cannot 
> find, at line 809 & 810 of pass_check.c, it concerns the structure 
> "struct spwd".
I'd love to agree with you but I am simply not that technical at this
Although what you say makes sense, I am still building the knowledge
which would lead me to your conclusions..... hence my posting:)

> In HPUX documentation you might find that this structure refers to 
> the shadow password construct, which happens to be defined in 
> /usr/include/shadow.h

> Probably this file is missing at your machine. This however signals a 
> bug in the "configure" process, in that it incorrectly assumes that 
> shadow passwords are used (Or perhaps not: Are you using shadow 
> passwords on your machine?). It would be interesting to examine the 
> output of the configure process (in config.log).
> At least on my HPUX 10.20 machine (with shadow.h) I have no problem 
> with the configure process (and I always use the HPUX ANSI C 
> compiler). I just double checked the configure command to test for 
> shadow.h and it looks alright to me.
I was focusing my attention on line 736...... but I only have the vaguest
regarding reading code...... once again, hence my post......

Thanks again for this reply, it certainly gives me a bit to look into 
and find out about......


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