smbpasswd and password synchronisation

travis at travis at
Wed Sep 29 15:16:58 GMT 1999

Please ignore the previous message as I have found my error.


	 >G'day all,
	 >I'm from Deakin University's IT department and I am currently trying 
	 >synchronise our passwords across our million and one applications/os'
	 >s, etc. 
	 >I'm trying to 'butcher' smbpasswd so that given a plaintext password 
	 >for a 
	 >user I can store a lanman and an nt encrypted password value in our d
	 >and replicate it out to our samba pdc servers.
	 >Unfortunately my code is not producing the output I would expect.
	 >What I want to be able to do is when a user changes their existing pa
	 >I also set up their password so it can be used with our samba pdc's (
	 >at the
	 >same time as we synchronise the passwords for all of the other servic
	 >es we
	 >have).  As the ldap code is not mature enough I was hoping that I wou
	 >ld be
	 >able to just generate samba password files and then later use the has
	 >h values
	 >I have in my database to populate some distributed ldap servers.
	 >What I would expect is the following:
	 >For a password of: abc123
	 >lanman hex 	= 78BCCAEE08C90E29AAD3B435B51404EE
	 >nt hex 		= F9E37E83B83C47A93C2F09F66408631B
	 >But my program is giving me:
	 >nt hex 		= 78FFFFFF08FF0E29FFFFFF35FF1404FFFFFFEE
	 >lanman hex 	= FFFF7EFFFF3C47FF3C2F09FF6408631B
	 >Can someone please point me in the right direction for this?
	 >Here is the source of my very simple program, it compiles with the sa
	 >requirements as smbpasswd:
	 >#include <stdio.h>
	 >        char passwd[30];
	 >        char lanman[40];
	 >        char nt[40];
	 >        char lanman_hex[40];
	 >        char nt_hex[40];
	 >        scanf("%s", passwd);
	 >        //printf("passwd = %s\n", passwd);
	 >        nt_lm_owf_gen(passwd, nt, lanman);
	 >        /*
	 >        printf("nt = %s\n", nt);
	 >        printf("lanman = %s\n", lanman);
	 >        */
	 >        pdb_sethexpwd(nt_hex, nt);
	 >        pdb_sethexpwd(lanman_hex, lanman);
	 >        printf("nt_hex = %s\n", nt_hex);
	 >        printf("lanman_hex = %s\n", lanman_hex);
	 >Travis Freeland
	 >Systems Section Leader
	 >Deakin University

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